Rush by Eve Silver



Actual rating: 2.5

This book was a steaming pile of shit and a huge disappointment.

My expectations: A lot of sci-fi related stuff, kickass fight scenes, a likeable heroine, and ALIENS!

What I was actually served: Flat, one-dimensional characters, confusing info-dumps, insta-love, a few attempts at a love triangle, and literally what even are these “aliens”?

So, anyway, me being me, I picked this book up because of the cover (look how gorgeous it is, come on!) and because of the premise, which looked so promising at first. Of course, when I actually ventured inside the story, it just quelled my excitement.

Basically, this story is about Miki Jones, a girl who lost her mother two years ago. One day, In an attempt to save a kid from getting hit by a truck, she jumps in front of her and pushes her out of the way, taking the brunt of the hit. However, instead of dying, she ends up in this place called the “lobby”. Eventually, as things process, she finds out she’s been “pulled” into a sort of a game where her and a few other teenagers have to kill these alien thingies – called Drau, apparently – and get points for it and shit like that.

I honestly believe that the concept behind this was genuinely good, and Silver could’ve done such an amazing job into creating such an intricate, sci-fi world mixed with the gaming world. But, sadly, she failed to do so. I’ll divide up the parts so I don’t start blabbering in random directions:

The Plot: Literally, I don’t even think there was much of one. I found it incredibly boring and lacking in anything interesting. The characters were only pulled into the gaming world about three (or four) times and the rest of the book was filled with Miki and Jackson playing an annoying dance of I-hate-you-but-I-also-love-you, which was incredibly infuriating and made me roll my eyes a lot. Not only that, but there was a good portion where there was pointless, irrelevant parts where Miki’s best friend starts getting jealous over little things and they had petty fights and such.

The Characters:

Miki Jones: So, apparently, she’s half-Japanese, yet she has blue eyes? Like, I know she’s only half Japanese, but isn’t that completely rare? Or am I mistaken? Whatever. In all honesty, she wasn’t a bad character to start with. She at least had a brain and could thing for herself. Well, except when she was around Jackson. Then, her heart just fluttered. I just hated how she started falling for Jackson so quickly, especially because he was nothing but cryptic and a huge asshole. I also hated how she just didn’t really relate to me, how I found her boring and flat and didn’t stand out much. Even though she was still grieving about her mother’s death and trying to bring her life back into control, I couldn’t bring myself to sympathize with her. Maybe it was because of the fact that the author merely told, not showed.

Jackson Tate: Oh, I have a lot to say about this motherfucking jackass. (hehe, get it? jackass?). This guy? I wanted to punch this guy. I wanted to pummel him and launch my fists at his stupid face and knock off his stupid shades. This asshole was so annoying. He was the team leader, yet all he acted was secretive and cryptic and withheld so, so much info. He clearly knew a lot, yet he just decided to be some cocky SOB and play the mysterious bad boy card. He was also very controlling and rude and overall bossy. Like literally, he barks out orders and expects you to oblige:

“You can lean on me,” Jackson says.


“Lean on me.” Not an offer this time, an order.

He rests his chin lightly on top of my head and tells me, “Sleep.”

There are way more instances such as these, but I’ not going to write them out. Basically, this hot piece of meat is just a bossy brooder with serious mood-swings.

Luka: I don’t even remember who the actual fuck this dude is. I don’t remember much because the author didn’t even take the time to mold out his character; he felt bland to me, just a prop and a potential love interest for Miki. However, he was much more tolerable than our ol’ Jackass. At least this Luka guy was actually nice.

Carly: I am genuinely confused as to why she was even included in here? All she did was pick petty fights with Miki over guys (namely Luka and Jackson) and even called her a skank at one point and smoked even though she was FULLY aware of the fact that Miki’s mom died of lung cancer.

There was some other dude, too, but I don’t even remember his name or much of his personality. Mostly, he was there to provide tidbits of info here and there. Nothin’ much.

The Aliens: Yeah, um, I’m not even sure as to how they look, except that they have eyes than can poison you and skin that glows and looks like glass?

The Writing:

It was good, I’ll give you that, and Eve Silver is quite talented with her words. But her writing here kind of felt mediocre and juvenile, too, at the same time. She wrote as if she was addressing a younger audience, like middle graders. Her sentences weren’t structured properly, because she used a lot of periods and kept stopping her sentences a lot in order to create a new one. I know, it sounds confusing. It was like this. And more of it here. And then like this and so on.

Overall, this was not necessarily the worst book out there. If you enjoy insta-love, drama, a boring plot that doesn’t really pick up until 200 pages in, and lots of unrealistic scenarios, then you can probably stomach this. If not, I’ll suggest you sit this one out. 🙂





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