The One Thing by Marci Lynn Curtis




I ventured into this book unexpectedly; I didn’t think much further past the premise and just dove in. I am so proud of myself right now. Also, I am grinning extra extra hard because this book was so cute and adorable and I literally just finished reading it five minutes ago and there are so many feel-ios curdling inside me and wow this is not going to be a coherent review now, is it?

Just a quick summary of what this book is about: Basically, a girl named Maggie has been blind for a few months now and she’s really lost interest in everything she used to love, such as soccer. She’s loaded up and on the go with an armful of sardonic responses and a fiery rage. One day, she bumps into a ten-year-old boy named Ben and – gasp – she can see again. Only, she can only see Ben and a little bit of the space around him. When he isn’t around, she’s back to being blind. And so, her adventure begins with her becoming besties with this cute-as-fuck little boy who cusses like a sailor and sees himself as the most handsome-est boy alive and willing to be her one and only boyfriend. And as a side dish, his older brother is the lead singer of the band that Maggie is obsessed with. Go her, right? But things aren’t as simple as they seem, especially when she finds out the real reason she can only see Ben, which, holy crap, really did make me raise a brow.

Can I just say that I loved Maggie every step of the way? I loved how she had a snappy comeback ready all the time, and I loved how she wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted. I loved how she believed flipflops were a fashion statement and that her internal thoughts did seem like a regular teenage girl’s.

On to Ben: Day-um. This kid was my spirit animal; he was just so lovable and his way of talking more like a mini pervert was hilarious, and so was his collection of encyclopedias. And every time he made sure to call Maggie ‘Thera‘, I would have a huge smile splitting my face like an idiot.

Mason: Ah, yes. The older brother of Ben. Also a total jerk at the beginning, but only because he thought Maggie was faking her blindness. Once we get past that, he’s a total babe. An adorable, let-meh-hug-the-emo-shit-out-of-you kind. He was really caring about his family and his brother, and he was  extremely passionate in what he did. I loved that about him.

I loved the side characters, too, especially Clarissa because she was such a hyper ball of awesome-sauce and could probably talk anyone’s ear off.

Overall, this book was a great read and probably enjoyable for anyone with a good laugh. Though, I did almost cry towards the end because – WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT, AUTHOR? – but still. The one thing (*snicker) that did irk me was how Maggie sort of treated Clarissa at the beginning, but it’s only a minor problem. Besides that, when we find out the reason why Maggie can see Ben and got past it, it wasn’t really gone more into depth and, well, we still don’t get a reason as how or why it could’ve happened.

Anyway. Like I said. This book is fucking amazing and –






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