The One Thing by Marci Lynn Curtis




I ventured into this book unexpectedly; I didn’t think much further past the premise and just dove in. I am so proud of myself right now. Also, I am grinning extra extra hard because this book was so cute Continue reading


All The Rage by Courtney Summers



~ I cuss a lot in my reviews, so be warned 🙂 ~

Wow. Woah. This book.

This book fucked me over hard and I don’t even know what to feel right now – even though it’s been a few days since I finished reading. This is my first book by Summers, and I’m proud to say that she exceeded my expectations. Her writing is just so raw and powerful. Like, excuse me, please give me your skills?

This book is about a girl named Romy Grey who has been raped Continue reading

Rush by Eve Silver



Actual rating: 2.5

This book was a steaming pile of shit and a huge disappointment.

My expectations: A lot of sci-fi related stuff, kickass fight scenes, a likeable heroine, and ALIENS!

What I was actually served: Flat, one-dimensional characters, confusing info-dumps, insta-love, a few attempts at a love triangle, and literally what even are these “aliens”?

So, anyway, me being me, I picked this book up because of the cover (look how gorgeous it is, come on!) and because of the premise, which looked so promising at first. Of course, when I actually ventured inside the story, it just quelled my excitement. Continue reading

Beware the Wild by Natalie C. Parker



First off, can I just say that the cover is freaking gorgeous? I could probably stare at it for hours and still not get tired of being fascinated.

Anyway. On to the contrary. What really made me love this story was the fact that it was so unique and vividly imagined and had this subtle, southern/gothic feel to it that made my toes curl. I love reading about creepy stories like these set into small towns.

This story follows a girl named Sterling who loves her brother, Phineas, fiercely. One day, they both have an argument that results in Phin jumping over the fence and into the forbidden swamp that is feared by all…

*cue creepy music*

Sterling soon finds that, after Phin’s disappearance into the swamp, someone else climbs out in his place. A girl. A girl claiming that she is Sterling’s sister and has everyone in town except Sterling believing that this girl is who she says she is. Thus, this propels Sterling to try and get her brother back and prove everyone that she isn’t crazy because, somehow, everyone but her has been brainwashed. Continue reading

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh



I…I’m sorry. For the incredibly, really, really low rating for this book. Well, okay. It isn’t that low because I decided to be generous enough and bump a star up. And, in my defense, it’s not my fault that the cover was so enticing. And pretty. And – well. Yeah. It really isn’t my fault that I tried to submerge my doubts by convincing myself that the cover alone was incentive enough to read the dang book.

See, from seeing so many praising reviews and excitement for this book, I just had to join in on the wagon. I guess I’m going to be contradicting myself a bit by saying that it might have been my fault for falling for an over-hyped book. Because that’s exactly what this is – an over-hyped book. Continue reading

Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Actual rating: 4.5

I recently started this series early in October and I have one thing to say:

Why did I not start this series earlier?

Because, in truth, I brushed this off as just another hyped up book with too many good praises. I’ve been seeing this book in almost every shelf since middle school, for Pete’s sake. But then I looked at that cover over and over (with a lot of uncanny wistfulness, mind you) and decided to just go with it.

Because, you know. Gorgeous cover = me likey. Continue reading

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella


So, since this is my first blog post in regards of actual books, I figured why not talk about one of my most recent favorites?

One of those recent favorites being Finding Audrey, of course. I haven’t read any of the author’s other books, but man does she have an amazing style. And by amazing, I’m talking about having a quirky and vivid way of writing from a teenage girl’s point of view. Not only that, but she includes hilarious situations about Audrey’s dysfunctional family and a lovable can-i-squeeze-him-please-and-call-him-mine love interest.

Basically, the story is about a girl named Audrey who suffers from Continue reading